Friday, October 1, 2010

Werewolf Jerusalem - God Has Shot Himself

Werewolf Jersusalem - In Horror

Werewolf Jerusalem - Music for Mass Radio

A Tenant 27:05
B Terrorist Couple 25:08
C Pop Music Terrorist 27:27
D Tenant Has Left 28:58

Werewolf Jerusalem - Mother, May I Go Out to Kill?

Werewolf Jerusalem - Red Eye

Ba.Ku - Wolf Woman of Black Lake

wolf eyes-dog jaw

wolf eyes- slicer

wolf eyes - river slaughter

wolf eyes- fuck pete larsen

wolf eyes - Black Wings Over the Sand

Wolf Eyes / Sickness - There Is A Part Of Me That You Will Never Know

wolf eyes - burned mind

wolf eyes -human animal

wolf eyes- dead eyes cd

Wolf Eyes - Back To Attack

Wolf Eyes - Always Wrong

Wolf Eyes / Prurient - The Warriors