Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Werewolf Unit - SU!iLY Freep 2007.02: "From The East"

Werewolf Unit is the hyperactive noise outfit of Justin Barnes. Werewolf Unit is equal parts free form noise, jazz, drone, a world beat marching band, and a constantly updated, thinly veiled homage to Justin Barnes' heroes. Be it heroes from music, art, film, television or literature, Werewolf Unit embodies the intense postmodern ideas of killing your idols, all while trying to conceal your deep desires to gratify them intellectually and sexually. Textured surfaces, in-depth depthlessness, bleeps, bloops and ringalangs. Werewolf Unit stands for scrumptious treats and delicious smoothie drinks. Werewolf Unit is meat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine free, and is still somewhat chunky. Werewolf Unit is the constant reminder that we can eat dark chocolate and drink Gerolstiener, yet we can all fail at any time. Werewolf Unit exists solely due to deep constant aid from dear friends and dearer family.

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