Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old Time Radio Researchers Group - Dark Fantasy


Dark Fantasy was a short series with tales of the weird, adventures of the supernatural, created for you by Scott Bishop. The series aired as a horror drama on NBC between 1941 and 1942.

Dark Fantasy was a series dedicated to dealings with the unknown. Originating from radio station WKY, Oklahoma City, it was written by Scott Bishop (of Mysterious Traveler and The Sealed Book fame) and was heard Fridays over stations. Tom Paxton served as announcer. The shows covered horror, science fiction and murder mysteries. Although a short series, the shows are excellent with some stories way ahead of their time. The following is a news promo promoting the show:

Every since Lights Out went out several years ago, fans of the fiendish have been clamoring for more good old goose-pimple horror drama on the air. Now they have it. One of the programs that currently freezes the airwaves with its chilling stories is Dark Fantasy comparatively new to the networks. In the late hours of Friday nights these shivery, shocking stories go out over NBC - right straight from Oklahoma City, which you might not have thought of as headquarters for haunts. Station WKY is the home of the Dark Fantasy plays, and the writer is Scott Bishop, who lives in the midst of mystery and the supernatural, represented by the innurnerable volumes of thriller fiction, fantasy lore and all kinds of horror literature that fill his home andhis office. Bishop has long contributed to network broadcasting and to magazines. He says, "Give the listener enough material to let his imagination go to work, and he'll supply his own goose-pimples."

1 The Man Who Came Back
2 The Thing From The Sea
3 The Demon Tree
4 Men Call Me Mad
5 The House Of Bread
6 Resolution, 1841
7 Curse Of The Neanderthal
8 Debt From The Past
9 The Headless Dead
10 Death Is A Savage Diety
11 The Sea Phantom
12 W Is For Werewolf
13 A Delicate Case Of Murder
14 Spawn Of The Sub Human
15 The Man With The Scarlet Schchel
16 Superstition Be Hanged
17 Pennsylvania Turnpike
18 Convoy For Atlantis (damaged)
19 The Thing From The Darkness
20 The Edge Of The Shadow
21 The Letter From Yesterday
22 The Cup Of Gold
23 Funeral Arrangements Completed
24 Dead Hands Reaching
25 Rendezvous With Satan
26 I Am Your Brother

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