Monday, January 25, 2010

Werewolf Loves Chicken- First Cravings (trauma014) [2008]

1 Surf Music For Noisey Assholes (I Annoy You)
2 90% Chance of Precipitation From Her Anus
4 The Lycaeonia Curse
5 Chewing Through The Throat
6 Silver Bullet Apocalypse
7 Fearsome Claws of Weregrind
8 Transforming Gym Sock Sodomy
9 Shit Stained Dentures
10 From Man To Beast (In 3 Seconds)
11 Stab Him To Death (Chicken Better Run)
12 Moon of Gore Rises
13 Licking Clean Your Bones
15 Hateful Screams of The Tyrant
16 Theriomorphic Damnation

Werewolf Loves Chicken Is For The Beast In Man.

"Nothing Can Stop The Hunger, The Lust ... The Lust of The Werewolf"

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