Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Origami Robotikii - Bubastis ii

1 -01- Gaupe i (How to kill a Werewolf)
2 -02- Gaupe ii
3 -03- South of Heaven
4 -04 - Mystos the mock and victim of the headless wall (count of mountsplash opus 4 5)

Origami Robotikii - Bubastis ii
written & performed by Origami robotikii, jul/aug 2009; recorded at sons of tid, Chile.

(originally named "How to kill a werewolf", and later named "Bubastis",
short album; written, performed, recorded and accidentally deleted.
We trust in consequences.
it wont be mourn but celebrated.
Back to the matter of imagery!

"Bubastis ii", an elusive, ghost-like record,
its magical appearance can unfold itself to those who stop
and listen to the obscured by time and space, or completely lost to the world.
in here, Origami Robotikii is "the bringer",
therefore associated with divination and clairvoyance;
and only by respecting its behavior and listening carefully may one begin to receive an answer.

indeed, Origami Robotikii, have large eyes, and a keen sense of hearing which enables them to boon and bane.
this late one bringing us closer to the nature we all beset under.
this gemstone will keep all foul Omens away.

(Bubastis, temple city of the cats)

(Gaupe or Lynx, relative to the house cat, though shorter in Tail)

(1) Gaupe i; "How to kill a Werewolf"

"Mocking bird falling from the Sky, Mocking bird falling to the ground, burning in the ground into fiery wheel"

(2) Gaupe ii

"I raygn over you,
in power exhalted,
and bewtified with the fire of ballance;
in the mydst of your palace.
I raygn among you Suns and Moons; my hands are Rods
and my knowledge is an Ark to your Palm chamber.
the Stone is not but in the Mind;
for i am it, Builder and strong seething"

(3) South of Heaven (Slayer Ambient revisited cover)

"An unforseen future
nestled somewhere in time.
victims no warnings, no signs.
judgement day!
before you the light dies."

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